Graduation Exhibit – a culmination of the works and growth I’ve curated over the past four years.

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6 PM IS 

Acrylic on Fabric
‍2” x 30 | October 2023

6 PM IS TEA TIME draws from the scene of the Mad Tea Party in 'Alice in Wonderland,' where time freezes at 6 PM, commenting on our obsession with time and the absurdity of our fast-paced, tunnel-visioned existence.



Soft Sculpture & Digital Media
49” x 49” x 49” | October 2023

In the centre of my living room stands an old TV - a relic of the past, its screen blank, untouched in ages. Beneath its stillness and dust-covered exterior, it holds the memories of my life unfolding before it, notably, through objects I've left in front of it over ten years.



Soft Sculpture & Acrylic
Installation | December 2023

Using Sylvia Plath's "Tulips," as a vehicle, the piece will illustrate the universally intense yet contrasting interpretations the colour red produces in an audience through language and imagery.

Used & used

Mixed Media on Receipt Roll
November 2022

The Empress

Garment & Filming
‍March 2023

The Empress weaves together the time-honoured majesty of historic empresses with the imagined audacity of an extraterrestrial ruler.



Acrylic on Cans
March 2023

Consumerism has become an integral part of modern life, where people are constantly bombarded with advertisements promoting a glamorous lifestyle.

Canned reflects on the glamours of urban life in juxtaposition with the consequences of consumerism.

"ELLY" - Self Portrait
Acrylic on Canvas
September 2023
"A Day in the Life of a Box"
Graphic Novel Illustration
June 2023
"Welcome Home" - Serabianca 2022
Multidisciplinary Art Exhibition
November 2022
"Harmonized" - Neo-expressionism
Acrylic on Canvas | 1 m x 1 m
April 2023
"A Row of Torched Sushi" - Macro Food Painting
Acrylic on Canvas
May 2023
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